Details of the Jeremy painting

Here are some photographs of the details of the Jeremy painting - Hover the mouse over the image to see the text details or click here to go to the paintings stats page.

This is Jeremy, who turned up at our doorstep almost two years ago, probably because he had heard on the cat network that there was always someone to welcome you at our house.

. Copyright (c)2018 Paul Alan Grosse 14"x18" oil and gold and silver leaf on canvas.

. Copyright (c)2018 Paul Alan Grosse Gold and silver leaf with Carolingian miniscule saying 'Jeremy. Aetatis Suae I. Anno domini mmxvi. (Jeremy aged one in 2018).

. Copyright (c)2018 Paul Alan Grosse Detail of his black shirt with gold stitching and his gold trimmed ruff, with his fur trimmin of his kacket on either side.

. Copyright (c)2018 Paul Alan Grosse The golden globe with the Earth mapped out on the end of it showing emeralds and rubies. In the background to the right, you can see his pendant with rubies, emeralds and the central sapphire.

. Copyright (c)2018 Paul Alan Grosse This is Jeremy on 30th June 2018 when he showed up on our front door step, starving.

Unfortunately, we couldn't let him in - we already had many cats, as you can probably tell from all of the cat paintings - although we did feed him and get him some shelter (complete with CCTV so that he could be safe and we could keep an eye on him) and, after a few months, a neighbour took him in where is has become substantially healthier as you can see from the picture below, taken around a year after he first turned up.

. Copyright (c)2018 Paul Alan Grosse

All images and original artwork Copyright ©2018 Paul Alan Grosse.