My oil palette For a number of years in my 20's, I worked professionally as the City of Derby's Pavement Artist - working on Albion Street in the city centre - a fresh picture every day - live art. I was interviewed by the BBC and was even on national television in the programme 'What's My Line' (and I beat the panel). I did oil on canvas commissions as well - the two media are very similar to each other in a creative sense although I don't think I would like a 2' square slab or more hanging on the wall. Sadly, the pavement drawing came to an end when the city council decided that it was going to resurface all of the paved areas with tiny little bricks which were worse than useless when it came to drawing on them - the two-foot square nicely worn slabs that they replaced had been perfect - so that was the end of that.

For those of you that would like to possess a framed Giclee art print of one of these, you can purchase one where you see the 'P' in the description of the painting below it on this page. Also, you can buy a tee-shirt or a mug with an image of one of my paintings on it where you see the 'T' in the description of the painting below it on this page. In both cases, simply click on that painting's 'P' or 'T' to go to the site that will produce that print and send it directly to your address (I don't need to know any of your details). Click on the 'T' here, to go to the shop front for all of the currently available images of my paintings or 'P' here for a framed print.

So, here are some of my pictures - Click on the small images in the strip to make the image appear in the larger window; Hover the mouse over the large image to see the text details, or click on the large anthropomorphic pictures or click here to go to the paintings listings page to find out more about them.


Key: O/sC Oil on Stretched Canvas; O/pC Oil on Canvas Panel; O/pW Oil on Wooden Panel; IPI/P Iron Gall Ink, Early Pigments water colours, Prescious Metal Illumination on Water Colour Paper; IPI/R Iron Gall Ink, Early Pigments water colours, Prescious Metal Illumination on Cotton Rag Paper; EPI/Y Early Pigments water colours, Prescious Metal Illumination on Papyrus; PC Private Collection; T Tee-Shirts/Phone cases/Cards/Mugs available; P Giclee art prints available; O Original(s) for sale;
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All images and original artwork Copyright ©1983-2019 Paul Alan Grosse.

There are, of course, plenty of others that I have painted and I paint new ones all of the time so watch this space.