Salad Dressing

This recipe works beautifully with any salad and will keep for months.


  • pint Red Wine Vinegar
  • pint extra virgin Olive Oil
  • a few spoonfulls of a suitably strong Red Wine
  • two cloves of Garlic
  • Red Pepper
  • small Onion

In addition, you will need a mortar and pestle (or a garlic press, or both) and a suitable bottle for shaking and dispensing the dressing.


Press the garlic, onion and pepper in the garlic press (cuttin up the onion and pepper so that it will fit) and place in the mortar.

Add the wine (to extract the flavours from these ingredients) and leave for a few minutes.

Strain off the liquid and pour into the bottle. Add the vinegar and oil and shake.


Instead of (or in addition to) onions peppers and so on, a variety of other flavourings may be used:

  1. Chilli;
  2. Spring onion;
  3. Herbs; and so on.


Store in a cool place as you would any salad dressing. The vinegar should protect it from bacterial attack and therefore it should last a reasonable amout of time.

Serving suggestions:

Sprinkle it on your salad although it makes an excellent alternative to vinegar on chips, cucumber sandwiches and so on. You will notice that the flavours in the oil and vinegar are released at different times while eating.

This dressing does not contain all of those additives that keep the mixture as an emulsion so you will probably find that the vinegar layer goes quicker than the oil layer. Simply top up with vinegar and when the flavours start to get a bit weak, just add more.

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